My name is Jordan and I’m a 34-year old stay-at-home mom; looking to improve myself, my life, and make this world a better place for my beautiful daughter.

I love staying in shape, being healthy… most of the time, but also living with a bit of abandon when life allows.  Because who are we kidding ourselves, FUN is paramount!  Life is meant to be enjoyed, and spent discovering ourselves.


My likes:

-interesting people

-Panna Cotta

-a freshly-cleaned house, before we humans mess it up

-Playing “Cards Against Humanity” with my Dad and learning that we have more in common than I would ever imagine.

-A perfectly written song

-Larry David


My dislikes:

-feeling bloated

-that extra five pounds

-that extra eight pounds

-people who don’t listen

-Kim Kardashian and all that she represents

-unhealthy foods that aren’t worth the calories

-People who want to keep others from enjoying a happy life


Those are just a few, but you’ll learn more about me as time goes by…