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Add a little “Shimmer” to your Everyday – PART 2

4) Start your day with music. Repeat throughout the day. We all know what it’s like.  You wake up early … and already you’re late!  You can barely find the energy to get out of bed as you realize that — well, if you add the 5-10- and 20-minute increments together that comprise your morning routine, you’re already tight on time… and alas, there’s NO way you can fit in.. Read More

Add a little “Shimmer” to your Everyday – PART 1

Sometimes it feels like ordinary life can be so… well, ordinary. I know that this is the nature of the human condition, particularly in modern life in which many more things available at our fingertips (to be clearer: our iPads and iPhones), and so we’re tricked into believing we’re having experiences, when in reality, we’re just sitting on our rear ends and going through our same old routines. In an effort to.. Read More

Transcendental Meditation – better than Adderall?

Aren’t we all looking for something to “fix” our lives?  While I’m incredibly grateful for all that I have, adult life can be overwhelming!  It seems our tasks are never done, and I constantly find myself feeling like I should have accomplished more – annoyed at all the projects I’ve started, but not finished; giving myself a mental @##-whooping for the incredulous amount of time I seem to waste when.. Read More

Re: Attack of the ignorant people – thank you, Facebook

A few weeks ago, a Facebook friend of mine posted a few very offensive news stories with some twist-the-knife-esque comments attached. I’m not very good friends with this person, but she’s a family friend of my very best friend from childhood, so I see her every now and again at family events, kids’ birthday parties, etc… I’ve never thought her to be anything but pleasant in person, and a harmless.. Read More

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello, and welcome to my new blog: Advertising for Peanuts.  Can’t wait to share my stories and about this bizarre adventure we call life.  :)  See you soon! xoxox Jordan