4) Start your day with music. Repeat throughout the day.

We all know what it’s like.  You wake up early … and already you’re late!  You can barely find the energy to get out of bed as you realize that — well, if you add the 5-10- and 20-minute increments together that comprise your morning routine, you’re already tight on time… and alas, there’s NO way you can fit in a workout without throwing off your whole schedule for the day.

And so it goes.

And so it goes tomorrow, and the day after that.

This is our habit.

Our lives become about the to-do list.  And we all know that that to-do list in never ending.  So with that in mind, there’s no reason to make an unending task the central focus of our lives.

I’m not saying we should do away with it completely – not at all.  In fact, I am a fan of the to-do list!  It reminds me WHY I am doing everything I’m doing.  It gives my life structure and momentum, and the fact that it’s never ending is not a problem – I love that it never ends.  A healthy and inspired person should always be adding things to their list.  And the more inspired we are, the more we see possibilities in life.  It also increases our desire to care for ourselves and maintain our lives well… hence the to-do list.

The problem is when we lose touch with that inspiration.  We still have the structure of our list, but we lose the beautiful purpose behind it.  And then we become salves to the list and accomplish our tasks almost begrudgingly.  We become resentful of our lists.

This is backwards.  Our tasks are there to serve US, because we love ourselves and value our lives.

And THIS is where music comes in…

We all need a way to bring a little inspiration into our Everyday.


It’s no mistake that every religion throughout recorded time, in every corner of the world, utilized music as a means to commune and feel the presence of God (or whatever they defined as a greater spirit, divine energy, etc…).  Music is a way to access your inspiration, to make you see and feel beyond the minutia of life.

This is universal.

So, let’s use this ancient technique to make our everyday lives inspired!

I guarantee it will work.  Put on some music that makes you feel good.  Let it affect you, sing along if you feel like it!  You can play music while driving, making breakfast, showering, going for a run, running errands… it won’t slow you down.  It will only get your momentum going!

But most importantly, START your day with music.  Because the same way your body needs to wake up so that it can go about the day, your inspiration needs to wake up, too.  Music is the easiest way to tell your inspiration to rise and shine!  And let’s face it: it’s also fun AND practical way to get your inspiration going.  I”m all about practical. ;)

It may take a while to get into the habit, but once you get – well – int he groove, you’ll be loving it!  It will be like your secret weapon.  Everyone will wonder why you’re always in such a good mood!

5) Set a goal to learn ONE new word a day.

OK, well, not only is this practical, it’s FUN!  Let’s be real, we can ALL benefit from increasing our vocabulary.  I know some pretty eloquent people with a massive arsenal of words at their disposable – nobody would ever say they NEED to learn new words in order to communicate more effectively, but learning more will certainly not be damaging in any way….

…and just to be clear, the end-goal of being an effective communicator is not why I’m recommending we learn a new word every day – though it will be a welcome side effect (you’re welcome!)

The main purpose of making a commitment to learn one new word every day is to add a newness to the lives to which we’ve become so accustomed.  As we get older, everything loses its novelty.  The been-there-done-that of life… well, we’ve all been there and done it!

But remember when you were a kid and the world was so new and fascinating?

And there was so very much to learn?  Wasn’t that fun?

Well, in reality, there still IS a whole lot to learn (add that to your to-do list).  We just manage our lives using the vast amount of knowledge we’ve gained thus far in life, and we do OK.

We don’t feel the need to learn new things because, well, we don’t need to learn anything to survive. Removing the necessity of learning is part of what slows down our desire to learn.  Of course, we’re designed to learn most of our practical information in our formative younger years, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t take advantage of the fact that we still CAN learn.

Learning something new expands our horizons and opens up our energy, it unleashes our curiosity.  And isn’t it fun to be curious?

So, if every day we’re looking for ONE new word to learn, we’ll have our eyes open a little wider, and we’ll be listening a bit more keenly.  And once we have learned the new word, it will offer – even if ever so slightly – a new take on something.  An idea to express with a slightly different color.