Sometimes it feels like ordinary life can be so… well, ordinary.

I know that this is the nature of the human condition, particularly in modern life in which many more things available at our fingertips (to be clearer: our iPads and iPhones), and so we’re tricked into believing we’re having experiences, when in reality, we’re just sitting on our rear ends and going through our same old routines.

In an effort to bring a little extraordinary into the ordinary, I’ve come up with a to-do list of aspirations to make my life a little more magical.

1) Reserve a limousine for date night

Back before we were married, my husband surprised me with a fabulous elegant dinner one random Tuesday night.  He said he’d be picking me up from work so I was all ready and waiting for him at the end of the day.  When I walked outside, there was a limousine out front, and he was waiting for me with Champagne ready to toast.  Um, amazing!  I knew I wanted to marry him after that.  I try to surprise him every now and again as well.  It makes everything so fun!  I use the same local company every time, they’re the best!

2) Wear your favorite perfume to bed every night

Sometimes, at the end of the day, we fall down on the the bed and crash.  We’re exhausted, and often not feeling our best.  But there is something quite magical about getting in touch with feeling beautiful as we lay down and retire for the night.  As any woman can attest, feeling beautiful – our own, unique version of beautiful – adds to your joie de vivre factor, no matter what you’re doing.  Even a trip to the grocery store feels so much better if you feel beautiful while you’re perusing the selection in the produce aisle.  Going to bed is no different, and feeling beautiful at that time is so important because you’re alone with your thoughts… and your self talk.  If you fall asleep with thoughts about how beautiful you are, imagine what a great start you will have for the next morning!  Since wearing makeup to bed is a no-no; and “doing” your hair is rather pointless, an easy way to get in touch with your your unique feminine beauty is through your signature scent.  And it’s also a special treat for your bed mate!!

3) Get to know the people who serve you

We are creatures of habit.  Throughout our day-to-day routines, we are constantly encountering the same faces.  We stop for gas at the same few gas stations almost every time we need to refill; we shop and the same grocery store, typically on the same day; we have favorite coffee shops, restaurants, quiet spots to enjoy a glass of wine; we tend to shop at the same departments, in the same stores; the list can go on, but you’re getting my point.  The thing is, we often are routinely served by many of the same people at all of the places we routinely visit – and we are often running on autopilot, “just going through our routine.”

What I challenge you to do is to get to know these individuals who, whether you are conscious of it or not, are quite integral in setting the tone for every moment of your day.  Maybe you stop at your same coffee shop every day because they make your cafe latte just the way you like it.  Maybe you stop at the same gas station every time you need to fill up because it’s clean and you don’t feel like you have to take a shower after touching the nozzle, and their bottles of Perrier are always extra cold and refreshing.  Whatever the reason, you have your favorite places because they make the moments of your day better.

The people who work there are also part of that.  Acknowledging them will make them feel good, and in turn, they’ll serve you better.

Get to know their names.  Write them down if you have to!  Learn a few details about them.  Do they have kids?  Where are they from?  Do they like to mountain bike?  Are they aspiring novelists?  It may seem like a stretch at first, but if you just start engaging them, it will begin to feel more natural.  And after a while, it will grow deeper.

Building these relationships will force you to be more present during your everyday life.  It’s the antithesis of going through your life on autopilot.  Being present will lead you to more enjoyable interactions.  Who knows, maybe that barista who makes your latte every day is actually hilariously funny, and before long, you end up leaving with your coffee AND a funny thought for the road!

The other benefit here is of course that you will be given the red-carpet treatment every single day of your ordinary life!  You’ll be greeted warmly, you’ll receive preferential treatment, people will care about making you happy.   Think about how special that will make you feel, while for everyone else, it’s just another “blah” Tuesday.