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Transcendental Meditation – better than Adderall?

Aren’t we all looking for something to “fix” our lives?  While I’m incredibly grateful for all that I have, adult life can be overwhelming!  It seems our tasks are never done, and I constantly find myself feeling like I should have accomplished more – annoyed at all the projects I’ve started, but not finished; giving myself a mental @##-whooping for the incredulous amount of time I seem to waste when.. Read More

Re: Attack of the ignorant people – thank you, Facebook

A few weeks ago, a Facebook friend of mine posted a few very offensive news stories with some twist-the-knife-esque comments attached. I’m not very good friends with this person, but she’s a family friend of my very best friend from childhood, so I see her every now and again at family events, kids’ birthday parties, etc… I’ve never thought her to be anything but pleasant in person, and a harmless.. Read More

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello, and welcome to my new blog: Advertising for Peanuts.  Can’t wait to share my stories and about this bizarre adventure we call life.  :)  See you soon! xoxox Jordan