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Add a little “Shimmer” to your Everyday – PART 2

4) Start your day with music. Repeat throughout the day.

We all know what it’s like.  You wake up early … and already you’re late!  You can barely find the energy to get out of bed as you realize that — well, if you add the 5-10- and 20-minute increments together that comprise your morning routine, you’re already tight on time… and alas, there’s NO way you can fit in a workout without throwing off your whole schedule for the day.

And so it goes.

And so it goes tomorrow, and the day after that.

This is our habit.

Our lives become about the to-do list.  And we all know that that to-do list in never ending.  So with that in mind, there’s no reason to make an unending task the central focus of our lives.

I’m not saying we should do away with it completely – not at all.  In fact, I am a fan of the to-do list!  It reminds me WHY I am doing everything I’m doing.  It gives my life structure and momentum, and the fact that it’s never ending is not a problem – I love that it never ends.  A healthy and inspired person should always be adding things to their list.  And the more inspired we are, the more we see possibilities in life.  It also increases our desire to care for ourselves and maintain our lives well… hence the to-do list.


Add a little “Shimmer” to your Everyday – PART 1

Sometimes it feels like ordinary life can be so… well, ordinary.

I know that this is the nature of the human condition, particularly in modern life in which many more things available at our fingertips (to be clearer: our iPads and iPhones), and so we’re tricked into believing we’re having experiences, when in reality, we’re just sitting on our rear ends and going through our same old routines.

In an effort to bring a little extraordinary into the ordinary, I’ve come up with a to-do list of aspirations to make my life a little more magical.

1) Reserve a limousine for date night

Back before we were married, my husband surprised me with a fabulous elegant dinner one random Tuesday night.  He said he’d be picking me up from work so I was all ready and waiting for him at the end of the day.  When I walked outside, there was a limousine out front, and he was waiting for me with Champagne ready to toast.  Um, amazing!  I knew I wanted to marry him after that.  I try to surprise him every now and again as well.  It makes everything so fun!  I use the same local company every time, they’re the best!

2) Wear your favorite perfume to bed every night

Sometimes, at the end of the day, we fall down on the the bed and crash.  We’re exhausted, and often not feeling our best.  But there is something quite magical about getting in touch with feeling beautiful as we lay down and retire for the night.  As any woman can attest, feeling beautiful – our own, unique version of beautiful – adds to your joie de vivre factor, no matter what you’re doing.  Even a trip to the grocery store feels so much better if you feel beautiful while you’re perusing the selection in the produce aisle.  Going to bed is no different, and feeling beautiful at that time is so important because you’re alone with your thoughts… and your self talk.  If you fall asleep with thoughts about how beautiful you are, imagine what a (more…)

Transcendental Meditation – better than Adderall?

Aren’t we all looking for something to “fix” our lives?  While I’m incredibly grateful for all that I have, adult life can be overwhelming!  It seems our tasks are never done, and I constantly find myself feeling like I should have accomplished more – annoyed at all the projects I’ve started, but not finished; giving myself a mental @##-whooping for the incredulous amount of time I seem to waste when I have so many responsibilities (Facebook worm hole, anyone?).  I feel like I know what I want to do to make my life look more like the one for which I strive — and I know our work is never done — but I just can’t seem to get it together!

Everyone loves to be an armchair psychologist.  My father, while a loving and kind man, is just about the world’s worst person to talk to.  He doesn’t listen, he’s constantly interrupting, and he mostly speaks at length (and without pause) about obscure subjects, the relatability of which never seem to be a concern to him.  You can never finish a story because, at some point, you will mention a detail that starts him on a tangent of his own, and it’s simply not possible to get a word in edgewise without, well, actually saying, “stop.”  Again, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that he means well, but needless to say, he’s a frustrating element at family functions.

After our most recent family celebration for my niece’s birthday, I was talking with my mother about the difficulty in getting my dad to participate in the group discussion, and she said that she finally realized what is going on with him: he has “Adult ADD.”

Adult ADD?  OK, so the first thing any of us do when we hear such a declaration is immediately pull out (more…)

Re: Attack of the ignorant people – thank you, Facebook

A few weeks ago, a Facebook friend of mine posted a few very offensive news stories with some twist-the-knife-esque comments attached.

I’m not very good friends with this person, but she’s a family friend of my very best friend from childhood, so I see her every now and again at family events, kids’ birthday parties, etc… I’ve never thought her to be anything but pleasant in person, and a harmless but overly-vocal conspiracy theorist/I-read-one-article-this-must-be-true-and-now-I’m-going-to-educate-you-about-how-eveyrone-else-is-an-idiot-also-coconut-oil-is-amazing Facebook poster.

I’ve never though too much about her posts until she posted two very homophobic articles and said in the comments that she feels justified in her point of view.  I couldn’t believe what I was feeling.  My heart rate increased, and I was shocked.  I felt assaulted at my kitchen table.  I know people have those feelings “out there in the world,” but through Facebook, that hatred filtered its way into my home.  Just to give you a context that will clarify why this felt particularly personal: I was raised in a lesbian household.  Although I do have a dad as my parents had started off as a married couple, they have been separated for as far back as I can remember and the parents in my home were my mother and her now wife.

I’m typically of the mind that progress is being made, and if someone is irrationally hateful, it’s simply not (more…)